St. Nicholas Orthodox Church

Sacramental Mysteries


Infant Baptisms are normally scheduled on Sundays after the Divine Liturgy. Parents will need to meet with the pastor to plan for the Baptism. Two God-parents are required, at least one of whom must be Orthodox by Faith, and the other a practicing Christian. An infant's first or middle name must be a Saint's name.

Confessions are held before or after Divine Services if scheduled (see the current bulletin) or by appointment.

Are solemnized on Saturdays and Sundays. Consult with the Priest at least six months in advance and before plans have been made for the wedding reception. Weddings cannot be celebrated during fasting season or on Fridays.

Hospitalization/Sick Calls
Because of recent changes in confidentiality laws, the hospitals become less timely in their notification of clergy about hospital admissions.  Please inform the priest about any hospitalizations or need for visitation, by calling the Rectory.

Church Funerals
Are provided for practicing Orthodox Christians who are current in their spiritual and financial obligations to the parish. Otherwise, burial is from the funeral home. Cremation is contrary to the faith and tradition of our Church and is expressly forbidden to Orthodox believers.

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